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Membership Types

Organization/Team - $50 / Associate Member - $25

If you or the SAR agency you are affiliated with actively responds to searches in North Carolina, then a NCSARAC Membership is right for you. Benefits of a NCSARAC membership includes, but isn't limited to the following:

  • NCSARAC Voting Rights - Group/Organization Members are allotted 2 representatives/2 Votes while an individual member receives 1 vote

  • Free mention of your activities on NCSARAC online platform(s) and a link to your respective Team on the NCSARAC website

  • Input to advocacy efforts by NCSARAC to further SAR initiatives within North Carolina

  • Input to education and certification programs developed by the NCSARAC

There is no better way to become involved in SAR in NC than a membership in NCSARAC. Until we get our member registration process online, the best way to join is to simply send us a membership inquiry by filling out the following form